I’m still alive just stuck in a rut of sorts again ; v ; so here’s a WIP dump things I’m working on. Was working on a DA/AC swap > v > and other things

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oh good golly gosh here we go

  • prices start at $35 for single fullbody flat color sketches
  • i will draw nsfw but have limitations
  • pls read more here 

email me at 7f40cr @ gmail.com! 

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Okay oh my god I simply HAVE to tell you, your art is STUNNING!! I bumped into your amazing Connor piece and arghagJghhgh so much talentttttt INSTANTFOLLOWANDFOREVERWEEPING :'D

Sobs omg thank you so much ;0;! afnakfa /hidesface you have amazing art too omg /followsbackintooblivion


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hello my name is Ivan and I have a connor problem OTL

hello my name is Ivan and I have a connor problem OTL

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